Baylor Cybersecurity

Research and education initiatives to advance the state of knowledge within the cybersecurity community

Welcome to Baylor University's Cybersecurity Research and Education Initiative

Today our nation, and indeed our world, is connected in a way and at a speed that has never been possible before. The creation, use, storage, transmission, and eventual archival or deletion of information happens countless times each day for individuals, families, businesses, and military or governmental organizations. The Internet as a global means of commerce and communication offers conveniences not even imaginable some 20 years ago.

However, this rise in the daily use of technology has also meant a rise in the numbers of threat actors. Commercial and personal information is at risk as we share more and more online. The question of privacy versus convenience is also more relevant than ever.

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Theoretical and Practical Approaches

Baylor University focuses our cybersecurity research and education in three fundamental ways. Using the decades-old “People, Processes and Technology” paradigm, Baylor University strives to bring to bear not only technologically focused capabilities to counter the threat, but also uses an understanding of the people involved, and how these people affect the information environment, especially for industrial and governmental organizations across the spectrum of operations. But remember…people are the biggest threat out there…

Our cybersecurity research and education initiatives seek to significantly advance the state of knowledge within the cybersecurity community. This is done in the context of using both a theoretical AND a practical approach to cybersecurity. Working with foremost industrial and governmental partners, Baylor University seeks to harness the power of leading professionals to provide both a research perspective and an opportunity for our students to learn from the best. We seek to provide highly skilled and knowledgeable graduates to lead the 21st-century technological workforce, along with leading-edge, top Tier cybersecurity research. We hope you join us on this journey!


Illuminate, Baylor University's Academic Strategic Plan, focuses on inviting the best and brightest faculty and students to engage in activities that positively impact our nation and the world. Baylor strives to be a center of intellectual dynamism at the forefront in scientific innovation and human betterment through research and development of the next generation of thoughtful leaders across all disciplines. As part of Illuminate, Baylor has identified five signature academic initiatives. Baylor's university-level cybersecurity initiative is a key component in two of these initiatives. The Data Science Initiative draws from machine learning, data mining, scalable storage, and digital communication. Cybersecurity is a key application area for Baylor in this effort. The Human Flourishing, Leadership, and Ethics Initiative recognizes that our digital infrastructure plays a key role in improving conditions for humans, communities, and societies. In this effort, Baylor seeks to develop leadership techniques and ethical solutions in the protection and advancement of our critical infrastructures. To support this strategic plan, Baylor embarked on a $1.1 billion fundraising campaign and has raised almost $900 million as of 2020 Q4. The university has already received a single gift of $100 million. Give Light will provide the financial strength to robustly pursue institutional excellence in the key areas of Illuminate. The impact of this will lay a foundation today, and the benefits will be realized for generations to come.